Riveting tale #1


You must be thinking “who is this idiot and why I am reading this b*llocks”. I would say that is a very good question and I can’t answer it, so you might aswell go. Sorry.


Blogging. I was first drawn to blogging after stumbling across someone else’s. Theirs actually had some purpose which I won’t go into. I’ve been told I like to talk a lot throughout my life. Often in varying forms. There’s the “You talk a lot”, to the “I’M TRYING TO WATCH TV”, to the “SHUT UP” and by far the most common “STOP MOANING”. Personally I don’t see it.

I currently have a debilitating injury received at work making me completely housebound. It’s surprising what you learn about yourself when you only have your own company. It turns out, I’m a really hard, tough guy, capable of taking on any pain. The main issue I’ve come across so far, without a doubt, is, who am I going to repeatedly tell I’m in pain? Who am I going to repeatedly tell how much I hate Jeremy Kyle or Judge Rinder? To whom can I moan about daytime TV? That Lorraine woman does my head in.

I have now solved this issue. I can moan to whoever reads my blog. Consider yourselves special. I think It’s great. I can’t wait to get started. I suppose I’ll talk about ‘life’s journey’ aswell. And oh yeah, my horrifically bad, sympathy inducing injury to my shoulder!

Watch this space.


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