You, your mind, and world news

Owing to technology, we can keep in touch with the world wherever we are, whatever time of day. It seems entirely unavoidable. TV, social media, smartphones, advertisements, those large-printed headlines you see taunting you down every high street news stand, that one friend consistently updating you with unwanted, unsubstantiated facts they read on the internet (me). It’s a blessing, right?

Lets be honest, we read so much and have so much thrown at us, it’s impossible to take it all in. We focus on headlines, we focus on those big, bold letters or that dreaded ‘breaking news’ across our screens. We rarely delve deeper than our front page or our top stories. We pick out what others deem the most important. It doesn’t take long to realise the most important are often the most negative.

I’m not here to bash journalism. We all see it. Death, destruction, disaster, crime. Looking now at a major UK news outlet, the top three stories include the words ‘Woman dies’, ‘Woman burned’ and ‘shed a tear’. I can even read about how a man was hit by lightning. How cheery. Where are the tales of good deeds or advances in medicine?

We are shown videos and images of suffering and pain invoking emotion and empathy. How can this not make an impact, on any of us? Let’s be honest, we’ve all been affected at some stage in our lives. It’s nothing new.

I’m no stranger to negative thinking. I’m no stranger to anxiety and worry. I try to focus on the positive during these times, but where is the escape? Where should I look for the positive? Certainly not the news. Certainly not my own life, that’s where this negative thinking makes its home. 

As if I didn’t have enough to worry about. My job and health are on the line – but hey, I’ve just been reminded I could be killed at any moment.

Depression, anxiety, stress, they all show us our lives, our own little world, in a negative light. The news shows us the world in a negative light. It’s up to us to make our own positive. Turn off the TV, divorce technology, step outside and see the positive for yourself. The best way to see the positive side, to see the good, is to make it yourself.


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