Walking with anxiety

I’ve always been a fan of walking. As long as it’s not too long, or too dark.. or too hot. Anyway.  It helps me put things in perspective and gives my mind time to think things through without interruption. I am lucky enough to live close to rural English countryside, so I have plenty to explore. There is nothing more relaxing than walking through fields and woods covered in green, where the only sound is wind and wildlife. Unless it’s dark of course, then it’s terrifying. I prefer tranquility over a personal replay of the blair witch project, so I tend to go in the early morning.

I really feel for everyone who misses out on some of the views. There is so much to offer and so much to take in. When my mind is full of worry it really is a temporary relief and a very much appreciated distraction. I would recommend it to anyone who is reading this who can relate. Get out of the city, get away from regular life for a few hours, and head somewhere quiet. Spend some time with just you.

I decided to share some photo’s I’ve taken over the past few months of my little expeditions. Now, I’m not a photographer so don’t expect much, this is just me, my Iphone and the effects and filters it provides as standard.

Glaring through Trees



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