5 reasons you should start writing: from a newbie

I’ve always been a fan of writing. I’ve always liked putting pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keys. Doesn’t sound right does it. Sounds quite weird actually. Anyway.

I think I’ve progressed a long way from my teenage ‘hey wuu2’ online messenger days. I knew quite early on that I liked to write. I’ve only recently started to take interest again. It’s only now that I’ve started to see the benefits.

Writing isn’t all bookmaking. It isn’t all publications and making millions. It’s not all about fiction, or non-fiction. It can be anything you want it to be.

Here are 5 reasons you should start writing:

1. Self expression 

We’re all human. Lots of us struggle to express ourselves in speech. We know what we want to say, but how do we say it? What words have the most meaning? How do I get my point across without sounding silly or painting myself to be something I’m not? How often have we thought, or heard “It sounded good in my head”. Writing really helps. You can take the time. You remove the pressure of an instant answer. You can make sense of what you really want to say. You can be yourself.

2. It’s therapeutic

It’s well known that expressive writing is used by therapists and counsellors. Often, those who have experienced trauma or emotional harm, find it easier to communicate in writing. It is a form of release. It helps others understand the way you feel.

3. It puts life into perspective

To-do lists. Checklists. Plans. Pro’s and con’s. Thoughts. We’re always thinking. We’re always putting things into perspective. Life always finds a way to throw us off track and writing helps to keep you on that track. Writing can give you a path to follow. Writing can show you the bigger picture.

4. You will constantly learn

You never stop learning. You learn how to express yourself. You put your thoughts to paper and learn to write the way your mind thinks. You learn about new topics. You learn the way others think, through their writing. You will learn what you were never taught. If you write about yourself, you will learn things you never knew about yourself. It never stops.

5. It will boost your mood

Whether you write for a release, something you do for fun or something you do to make a living. You will feel the sense of accomplishment. You will feel better in yourself.


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