Coping with anxiety

I know how it feels. Like nothing can take it away. One irrelevant, random thought and we’re off. Our hearts are pounding, the worry is overwhelming and it feels as if the world is ending. No one knows how it feels. No one takes it seriously. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just predisposed to this sort of thing. Maybe it’s just me fearing the worst.

It affects your work. You can’t focus on tasks.

It affects your health. Your heart is pounding, you can’t stop moving. What was that chest pain? Why am I shaking?

It affects your relationships. No one can truly know how you feel. They can’t help.

It finds its way into every aspect of life. Is there a way out?

It comes in waves. It comes when you have too much time to think. It comes with trauma. It comes with fear of the future. It comes with fear of the unknown. It comes when you least expect it. You can never really ‘fix’ it. I think it always stays with you, you just have to find ways to cope with it, ways to keep it at bay, ways to stop it taking over. We are all different, we all cope differently.

It’s about identifying triggers. It’s about identifying what sets that feeling off. It’s about taking steps forward and finding new means of coping consistently. Keep moving forward. Keep trying. Anxiety is a lazy condition. If you sit and let it take over, it will. It’s not permanent.

Move, stay physical. Exercise helps. If you aren’t a runner, walk. Set goals. Keep your mind focused on that goal.

Write, understand. Often, we don’t know what our trigger was. We don’t know exactly we feel. Take the time to write down all your thoughts and worries. It’ll help you understand.

Talk, communicate. Don’t bottle it up. Tell someone close to you exactly how you feel. If they don’t understand, help them understand. If you know someone with anxiety, speak.

Stay busy. Keep going. Keep your mind busy. Do your daily things. Finish your to-do list. Don’t be beaten by your mind. Don’t let that worry destroy all you are, don’t let it become you.

Realise that you aren’t alone. Millions of us face anxiety at some point in our lives, and those millions go on to live normal lives.

Push through. Keep testing what works. Find what helps you. It’s yours to beat.



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