London paramedic has liquid thrown in face by masked men

As someone who works within the emergency services in the UK this one really, really gets to me. Diverting an ambulance from an emergency, then attacking the onboard paramedic. It really doesn’t get much worse than that.  It is getting worse day by day.

I see it every day that I work. It is getting worse. Our fire crews are attacked when attending fires. Our ambulance crews are attacked when attending medical emergencies. Worst of all, Our police are targetted by yobs and scrutinized at every opportunity. These people laugh at the prospect of a prison sentence, knowing they can cause physical injury to a police officer or other emergency service personnel and receive a fine at best. There is no respect anymore.

We all know it, meaning morale is the lowest it has ever been, in all frontline services. MP’s cheer at the thought of freezing our pay. MP’s regularly criticize us when mistakes are made. We are regularly told we have the funds to do the job by people who have never spent a second in our shoes. We are attacked, disrespected and laughed at by the very people we risk our lives for.

It will never end. It will only get worse, and we know it.

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